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Template Hub for SharePoint

This project has been developed for DNB to handle the large amounts of document templates that they have.
It is a fork of Grep's Template Library Connector.

About the contributors

Read about all the people that helped realizing this solution, and their contributions. (Updated!)


The Project is now considered stable, and we have published a v1.0 release, including full source.

SharePoint 2013 update!

The SharePoint 2013 version is now online.
Read about it and download the Source here: SharePoint 2013 version of the TemplateHub!
This release is provided by Faisal and Mattias. Find contact info on the About the contributors page.

About the project

The SharePoint Template Hub makes it possible for you to have a centralized repository for your templates.
It solves the issue with one-to-one relationships between Content Types and Templates by splitting this up, and give you the possibility to reuse a content type for several templates without any implications. All templates can also have metadata connected to them that will come over to the document when it is saved in the target document library.

The document template repository is a standard SharePoint Document Library, thus it supports all the standard metadata, publishing and workflow features for working with your document templates, just like you would expect with regular documents.

The site administrators can configure the end user experience for the Template Selector using views, filters and columns, and you get live previews of your templates as well as sorting, filtering and search.

This gives you better control of your organization's document templates.



Key Features:

The Template Library

  • Uses standard document library to host document templates
    • Includes full support for versioning, workflow and approval.
  • Reuse Content Types for several templates
  • Configure end user experience using Document Library settings
  • Reserved template author view

The end user experience

  • Shows columns configured in template hub view
  • Multiple views can be defined
  • Thumbnail preview of all Office Documents
  • This feature requires templates to be saved with "Generate Preview" option on
  • Metadata filtering
  • Search
  • Live Preview with configurable properties.
  • Pick your favorite templates and save for later
  • List of last used templates

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