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About the contributors

The project has a lot of contributors, so I decided to set up a dedicated page for this.
This is the big page of credits. Lots of thanks to all who contributed!

If information on this page is wrong or missing, or you contributed and cannot be found here, it just means i messed up. That is known to happen. Please send me a message and I will fix it ASAP :)

DNB is the project sponsor, and has funded all development.

Name Role Company Twitter Blog
Kjetil Gullen Lead Developer / Architect / Codeplex admin Inmeta Consulting @kjetilg
Erik Kvalsund Developer / Codeplex admin DNB
Annette Trulsen Build Master / ALM / Codeplex admin DNB
Daniel Marston Developer Inmeta Consulting
Eystein Vigerust Testing Evry @eysteinvigerust
Hussain Al-Mousawi Developer Inmeta Consulting @husalmousawi NorPoint
Carl Joachim "Kim" Damsleth Developer PuzzlePart @kimzter
Faisal Rafique SharePoint 2013 migration Steria @SPFaisal Faisal's blogs on Sharepoint and .Net Development
Matthias Einig SharePoint 2013 migration Steria @mattein Matthias Einig

This project is based on a fork of Grep's Template Library Connector created for DNV.
Name Role Company Twitter Blog
Øystein Garnes Migration of Grep's Template Library to SP2010 DNV Software @garnes DevRamblings
Henrik Næss Migration of Grep's Template Library to SP2010 DNV Software @HenrikNaess Ex Improviso
Einar Otto Stangvik Created Grep's Template Library for SP2007 Indev @einaros Will Code For Nuts

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