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Getting started for administrators

Step 1

Create a document library that will host your templates in your template hub site.
Go to your http://yourcontenttypehub/templatehub/ site, select Site Settings and New Document Library.

Step 2

After the Document Library has been created, create a new View in your library.
Our suggestion is that you name this All Templates.
you need to add the Title column to the view you are creating, apart from that you can select whatever columns suits you, but a suggestion for now is Title, Name, File Size.
For more details on Views and Fields, you should read the comprehensive Template Hub administrators guide.

NOTE: It is a requirement that you have the Title column. The solution will not work without the Title column added, as it uses this to display the names of the templates for now.

Step 3

Upload your templates to this library.

You should now have a Document Library like the one below, with 2 views: The default All documents view, and your new All templates view.

Step 4

It's time to enable the Template Library Connector for your document libraries. Go to your content site, and select Site Actions, and Site Collection Features.
Enable the Template Library Connector Feature.

Step 5

Go to a document library, and activate the ribbon. It should now have a new button named New from template. This is your magic stuff... Click to start :).

Step 6

The first time you run the Template Library Connector, you need to select the desired Template Library you want to use (yes, you can have several, but for now, the template selector only supports using one library at a time).

Step 7

Congratulations. You (hopefully :) ) have a working Template Library Connector enabled, and you should get this:

For all you developers out there, this can be embedded into the site templates, using feature stapling or by creating your own site templates (and by site templates I mean web templates. Nobody uses site templates anymore, right?)
That way you can remove all the configuration for the end users.

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NLBret Nov 9, 2016 at 6:09 PM 
Update ("http://") to ("https://") in function GetFileVersion in the TemplateHubController.cs in the source code. It just added SSL in my lab and updated the source code and it worked without error

matzhoog May 27, 2015 at 10:41 AM 
We face the same issue as oyeism. Any ideas what could be wrong in our configuration?

oyeism Jan 15, 2013 at 5:00 PM 
When I get a corellation error, reviewing logs I get the following

There is no Web named "/https://<web App>/Templates"

reviewing PS instructions, there was no entries made with a leading / - any ideas?