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Installation instructions

The first step is to create a web site to host your template library.
It is wise to create this as a subsite of your Content Type Hub. That way your Content Types will be available immediately for the Template Authors.
You can use any site template you like, as it is the document libraries you create later on that is important.

To get the solution installed, start the SharePoint 2010 management Shell with administrative privilieges.

Use the Install.ps1 to get the template hub wsp file installed to the desired web application (the web application the end users will be using).
.\Install.ps1 "http://yourcontentwebapp/"

Run DefineHub.ps1 to define what will be the Template Hub on your Content Web Applications.
.\DefineHub.ps1 "http://yourcontentwebapp/" "http://yourcontenttypehub/templatehub/"
Remember to end all urls with a trailing /.

Parameter 1 is the url to the Web Application that your end users will connect to.
Parameter 2 is the url to the Web that contains your Document Libraries for storing templates.


That should be it. The solution is ready to use. Move on to the Getting started for administrators guide, or the comprehensive Template hub administrators guide to get things configured.


The installation script will also handle upgrade. Just run Install.ps1 again with the new templatehub.wsp in your installation directory.

When upgrading your solution it will look like this:

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KjetilG Dec 6, 2012 at 8:44 PM 
you need to save your templates with the "Save Thumbnail" option turned on. The solution gets the preview images from the Office files.

muhammad007 Sep 13, 2012 at 5:18 AM 
Thanks it works. Below are my findings:
1. the Template Library Connector was hidden. therefore I had to activate using "Enable-SPFeature TemplateLibraryConnector -Url http://win-2tcasfugjs6u7t"

2. When we create a new document library view called "All templates view" according to instructions. We have to make sure we DO NOT make it default view.

3. I still cannot make the template preview work. i.e when you click "New From Template" in the model window I do not see the template preview.