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Before you start using Template Hub for SharePoint, make sure you have the following services up and working:

Managed Metadata Service

The Template Hub uses the "I Like It" tag to keep track of your favourite templates. This means that you need a functional MMS running, and you need to have the "I Like It" term present in the keyword store. To get SharePoint to create this term for you, simply press the "I Like It" button on your site home page after the MMS is configured, and the Term vil be added to the Term Store.

User Profile Service

The "Last used templates" is stored in a custom property in the User Profile. This Property is created the first time someone accesses the system, but it requires the User Profiles to be configured to successfully do so.

Template Previews

This addon does not generate previews of your documents. It uses the embedded preview file in your Office documents. In order to get previews displayed, all your templates need to be saved with the "Save Thumbnail" option turned on!

Application Pool Accounts

This addon uses the server side object model.
This means that you must either:
  1. Use the same Application Pool account for the content sites and for the Template Hub site.
  2. Add Reader rights on the content database containing the Template Hub site for all Application Pools that is supposed to be using the Template Hub.
Option number one is of course preferred, as this means you won't have to fiddle around with SQL Server rights...
You can still use multiple Application Pools if that is required for separation, but make sure you use the same account for the different Application Pools.

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