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SharePoint 2013 version of the TemplateHub

I have received several requests for this, and even though we still have not yet had the time to test the release, we decided to make it available to you. This will be pretty much unsupported, and there will be no installer made available. You get the source code I received, and the rest is up to you :)

Below is a link to the release containing the source code for the 2013 Version of the TemplateHub. It can also be found under the Source Code node in the main navigation menu.

The code migration has been performed by Faisal Rafique and Mattias Einig. Find contact information in About the contributors.

Download the Source

Information from Faisal about the code upgrade process to help get you started:
Finally I am done with Template hub’s version for SP2013. I would like to explain little a bit about what things I have done during the upgrade.

For upgrading this solution I have created a new solution in MS Visual Studio 2012 and created new artifacts then copied all code, xml and other artifacts from SharePoint 2010 version. I also gave the same guids for project and feature Ids as they were in SharePoint 2010 version. The project is using the same "tlc.snk" file from the previous solution.
All the references are upgraded to SharePoint 2013 libraries in the solution. And the project items are mapped to the 15 hive and all the URLs are fixed according to the 15 hive.

We have done some additions to the solution as well
• Added a Site template for the "TemplateHub" that’s based on team site’s site definition.
• A document library definition and instance named "Templates" with a pre-configured default view "All templates". This document library instance automatically gets created as part of the "TemplateHub" site template.
• In the previous version there was a bug, when the "I Like it" term is not found, the first time when tagging a document as favorite. It throws an exception which now has been fixed by adding a new "I like it" term if it does not exists (it takes the correct term, based on the used language of the user).
• There was broken tag on "Selector.aspx" page that was somehow working in SharePoint 2010 and not working in SharePoint 2013 (that took some time to fix it :)
• Fixed some JavaScript’s to run with SharePoint 2013.
• Updated file references and deployment to the new layouts/15 folder
• Thumbnail Image generation was not working I have rewritten some parts of code to make it work again, though it might be an idea to use WAC preview functionalities for that in the future (assuming the farm has a WAC server).
• If you have a missing reference to Microsoft.SharePoint.ApplicationPages.dll then add it from here C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\15\CONFIG\BIN\Microsoft.SharePoint.ApplicationPages.dll, seems not to be in the default lookup paths and somehow the “HintPath” didn’t work in one case.

Also we have included a new deployment project that is using SharePoint Solution Deployer ( which is written by one colleague of mine Matthias Einig.
When you build the entire solution, then the WSP is automatically packaged and copied to the deployment project. The deployment project then builds a “Deployment Package” in the folder “Deployment/Output/<BuildConfiguration>” which contains all necessary batch and script files to run the whole deployment.

SPSD supports custom variables (defined in an xml file in the Environments folder) which we use both for the actual deployment process, but also for the whole configuration of the template hub. In the file “Deployment/Scripts/CustomTargets.ps1” we have automated the process of creating a content type hub as associated it to the Managed Metadata Service, creating a template hub based on the new "TemplateHub" web template, configuring the template hub url in the web applications property bag and activating the necessary features on all site collections of the content web application.

If you want to change the variables, you either just change the Environments/default.xml file in the project or create a copy which is named after the machine or the user. SPSD will take these then automatically instead of default.xml.
For more details about deployment process have a look at Matthias CodePlex page contact him directly.

We are hoping everything is running fine when you are going to test it, and of course we would appreciate to be mentioned as contributors to the project.

Both of us are looking forward to your feedback and to support the project further in the future!

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